Traces of Life exhibition in Sweden

In Tatters is a triptych all ready to go to Sweden. It just needs to be packed up and that will take so much more time than I ever expect!

Some members of the Textile Study Group are exhibiting with Textil 13 and the exhibition Traces of Life will be at the Art Gallery, Dalarnas Museum, Sweden 13th June – 13th September 2015

In Tatters

In Tatters

In Tatters records and celebrates my uncle’s life and transforms a personal and everyday possession into something precious. Here it is partly open. In Tatters partly open

About Mary Sleigh

Textile artist, tutor and author - passionate about fabrics, stitching and helping others to develop ideas.
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1 Response to Traces of Life exhibition in Sweden

  1. Jim says:

    Dear Mary: I found your website fascinating and rfegret that we did not have an opportunity to tgalk at the luncheon last week. Textiles intrigue me, particularly in the way you have explored and used them. With all best wishes to you and roger.

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