CLEY14 contemporary art – a creative conversation

Seaweed nests

Gallery box – Seaweed nests

Jan and I installed our work along Beach Road at the beginning of July. I put up seven ‘gallery boxes’  attached to telegraph posts towards the beach end of the road and Jan installed seven shelves on fence posts.


Gallery box - Reed pocket

Gallery box – Reed pocket

Out of place – our interventions along Beach Road speak of minutiae within the enormity of the landscape and express our differing points of view. However, our practice does cross over: the small scale, intimacy and concern with materials and found objects.

I hope that viewers will be curious, dwell a moment and see familiar objects with fresh eyes, each being significant in its own gallery space.

There is plenty to see in and around the church in Cley as well as Beach Road and the shingle bank. The exhibition is ends on Sunday August 3rd.

Have a look at this link to find out more and this blog too.



About Mary Sleigh

Textile artist, tutor and author - passionate about fabrics, stitching and helping others to develop ideas.
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6 Responses to CLEY14 contemporary art – a creative conversation

  1. Jean Paling says:

    Hi Mary
    Happened to be in Norwich for the weekend and went over to Cley, enjoyed seeing the very diverse work, Jean

  2. Mary Sleigh says:

    Cley is a wonderful place and so much to see at the moment. Do hope you went down to Beach Road!

  3. Barbara Hilford. says:

    Lovely to see the finished work. Very professional boxes! Can you post the gold wire wrapped stones, please? Barbara. NZ

    • Mary Sleigh says:

      It’s been wonderful and energising to be part of such a varied and interesting exhibition. Glad you enjoyed the work. I loved doing it all. Are you interested in the wrapped flints? Hope all goes well with you.

      • Barbara Hilford. says:

        I remember that you were ‘netting ‘a stone at Wanaganui. Did you use the finished article? I would enjoy viewing any of the works. Barbara.

      • Mary Sleigh says:

        In my part of our exhibition ‘Out of Place’ all the found objects in my gallery boxes were collected at Cley. I adapted the technique that Mary Hetts showed me at Wanganui as the flints are angular rather than smooth like the pebbles and then suspended them in the box. I can send you some images of the contents for you to enjoy.

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