Mini Maker Faire

There seems to be something in the air at the moment as making and the maker are in the public eye at the moment. If you’d like a great day out with all the buzz of people making and creating then go to the Mini Maker Faire in Brighton in September. Here’s a link to their website http:// or if you are a maker yourself then contact them and here’s a link

Now that I have solved most of the problems  in the making of a large project I have time to think about other things and enjoy the actual making process. I realise how much I love being absorbed in the hands on activity, especially once the difficult hurdles are crossed.
I’m looking forward to tutoring at the Textile Study Group Summer School this July when making is the topic. My workshop is ‘Magic in Making’ when we shall concentrate on the joy of making based on personal collections.


About Mary Sleigh

Textile artist, tutor and author - passionate about fabrics, stitching and helping others to develop ideas.
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2 Responses to Mini Maker Faire

  1. Jean Paling says:

    Hi Mary Thank you for your very encourageing comments yesterday at the ISE meeting, we will very much miss your visits but as agreed perhaps time to move on.
    I know I speak for the whole group when I say It was a very good experience working with you and look forward to meeting up in the future.. Jean

  2. Mary Sleigh says:

    I’ve enjoyed my time with you all and always felt very welcome and hope our friendships will continue. Happy summer!

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