News from India

I have to start somewhere so here we go! Spending 4 weeks in N E India is such a wonderful experience of colour, culture, exotic costumes, delicious food, amazing countryside and mountains that I’ll have to write about it in bite-sized pieces. It takes time to absorb myself and so many people have asked me about it that it seemed a great way to start my blog that’s been an idea for so long.


About Mary Sleigh

Textile artist, tutor and author - passionate about fabrics, stitching and helping others to develop ideas.
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2 Responses to News from India

  1. Roger Sleigh says:

    slowly learning how to manage this new tool.

    need some more posts, please Mary!


    • Anne Spence says:

      The anticipation is too great. Is there any way that we can see inside the parcel ? Really looking forward to hearing all about the trip. Just hope the photos are all sorted.!!

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